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Tours testimonials


I would like to thank you for the tour, seeing where my great grandmother and grandfather lived  was extremely satisfying. Your knowledge of the area as well as it's history was invaluable. I think anyone trying to get an understanding of their ancestors world must utilize someone who has studied and loves that world. You certainly fill both those criteria.

J Wyatt, Alabama


"Thanks for a wonderful time.  You enhanced my knowledge of my family and made sure we had a comfortable, relaxing and entertaining vacation."

N Kader, Virginia


"We wanted to thank you again for all your help, it was the guided tours that made our trip.  We had a wonderful time and Wales and hated to leave -- we will return!"

J Thomas, Pennsylvania


"Thank you again for a most special time in Wales, truly the high point of our trip and thank you for the great gift of your friendship".

R Worthing, Ohio


"I really loved my trip to Wales, thanks to you and your help. It as really magical.  You made the trip possible for me and added so much in terms of my enjoyment. Thank you again".

M Arnold, Florida


" You helped us appreicate all that Wales has to offer but the experience of looking out of a window and sharing a view my grandmother would have seen so many years ago was deeply emotional and dsatisfying. "

J Faraldo,  New Jersey


"I cannot thank you enough.  It was a wonderful trip, Carmarthenshire is so beautiful and you certainly helped make our trip more enjoyable."

E Coutts, Wisconsin


"We arrived home in Oklahoma safely having had the trip of a lifetime.  Your efforts met our goals completely, it was such a good time.  If we're ever traveling back that way we'll bein touch."

T Evans, Oklahoma






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