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You're finding researching your Welsh ancestors  difficult

As you've probably found out by now researching Welsh ancestry has its own challenges.  


Peculiarities such as patronymic names add to the confusion caused by the presence of two languages, not to mention the religious dimension, making it essential to choose a researcher with an in-depth knowledge of Wales.  It is also invaluable to have researchers on the ground with easy access to and expert knowledge of the repositories here.


If you would like us to help you with your research the starting point is to gather as much information as possible about your earliest identified ancestor in Wales with a location and at least one key date.  Let us know what you have, including the source of the information, and tell us what you want to find out.


We will evaluate your request to establish the best way forward and provide you with a project plan and an estimate of cost.    Once we've agreed a budget we'll invoice you electronically through PayPal, allowing you to pay securely in the currency of your choice.  Get started now, you never know what you'll discover > > >






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