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Terms & conditions (Research)

Hiring us

Every genealogy project is unique and we will put together the best proposal for your needs.  We also adopt a phased approach to our work so that you maintain control of the project and budget at every step.


Research agreement

Before starting work we will send a research agreement for your approval.  This will indicate the type of research to be carried out and a budget ceiling for the work.   In addition to the fees we will charge for associated costs such as reproduction and purchase of certificates.  Larger projects will be broken down into phases.  Once we have your approval we will commence on the project – or the first phase – and invoice that piece of work advance.   We will then review the results with you and recommend next steps.


Avoiding duplication of information

Before research begins, we need to identify the information you already possess and its provenance. It is important you share everything you know at this stage because otherwise you may end up paying us to tell you things you already know.  


Unsuccessful research

It is impossible to predict whether research will produce the desired results. Because we put in the work, we have to charge for the time spent, even if we draw a blank.


Unexpected results

Family history can produce unexpected, and sometimes upsetting results. If you do not wish to learn uncomfortable information about your ancestors then it is best not to start researching them. Many families have a skeleton in their closet and we commit to pass on all research findings to you.



All factual information in our research reports can be freely used but, under British law, copyright in the report as a whole belongs to us. We are happy for you to share our work privately but do ask that you seek agreement if you want to publish what we have written, including online. This is to protect our intellectual and our professional reputation.



Our preferred method of payment from UK clients is by direct bank transfer, we also accept sterling cheques. We are unable to accept bank transfers or cheques in currencies other than sterling.  Overseas clients are invoiced electronically through PayPal which is subject to an additional charge of 4% to cover PayPal fees.  



We will carry out the work to the highest standards and make our reports based on the available information.  We will provide clear indication of information that is sourced and that which is our interpretation. We do not accept any liability for any inaccuracies which may emerge from our interpretation. These terms and conditions are governed by the Law of England & Wales.